“I originally brought my son who has severe allergy problems and my self to be tested by Dr. Edwards. My son was sick from the day he was born. We have had a long hard road. My son went into an asthma attack which lasted for a week. In the past I could always get these to go away but his one just would not budge. I decided I needed out side help. I had met Dr. Edwards and my mother came to him so we decided to give him a try. We scheduled an appointment and started on his detox and functional medicine program. I have seen some great results with my son and myself. I feel health is one of our most precious concerns and we all should work to have good health. We are definitely going to keep working with Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards truly cares about his patients and he is one of the kindest men I have had the pleasure of knowing. His staff is fantastic. They care and are so loving with patients. They are all a fantastic group”

– Katrina Swapp

Pain free from auto injuries

Chronic Fatigue and pain gone with Brain Based Therapy

Severe shoulder pain now gone

Chronic pain and Fatigue

Auto Accident Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque auto accident

Albuquerque chronic low back pain

Severe disc low back pain for 15 years no longer

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No dolor

Accidente de Carro “no mas dolor”

No Mas Dolor

Accidente De Carro

Victimas de un acidente de carro

Victimas de un accidente de carro