Bulging, Degenerated & Herniated Discs



   Do you suffer from degenerative disc disease, herniated or bulging disc, sciatica, or other spinal problems? Has your physician suggested you  consider surgery? You may want to consider spinal decompression therapy first. Spinal decompression therapy has proven effective in treating degenerative discs, facet syndrome, sciatica, herniated discs and spinal stenosis. If you have already had surgery, spinal decompression therapy can still be considered if you suffer from failed back surgery syndrome.


Spinal discs do not get oxygen and fresh blood consistently. Decompression and motion can enhance healing by restoring the needed nutrients back into the discs. During therapy, you will go through phases of distraction and relaxation. Once the problem spinal disc is isolated it can be placed under pressure which creates a vacuum effect. The vacuum does two things. First, any portion of the disc that has herniated or protruded will return to where it should be. Second, the vacuum effect brings in a fresh blood supply which can promote healing.

Spinal decompression therapy typically takes one hour to perform. Patients usually have treatment five times a week for four to five weeks. Most patients find pain relief within a few sessions. However, to achieve maximum and long-lasting relief, commitment to the entire recommended treatment program is necessary. For those who are candidates and follow the recommended guidelines, spinal decompression has proven to be highly effective.

Before you opt for surgery, explore the possibility of spinal decompression therapy. Every person who is interested in spinal decompression therapy will be evaluated to see if he or she would make a good candidate.  To schedule an appointment for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for this breakthrough procedure give us a call at 505 836-3771.

                                      Recent scientific studies show that this therapy was
                                      86% effective at relieving low back pain without the need
                                      for drugs or surgery.

 Low back surgery should not be considered                                                                                                      mri_pre_and_post_decompression7      
until you have found out if mechanized spinal
decompression is right for your condition.               

“As the success rate is so high, physicians should
have an ethical obligation to try decompression
therapy with their patients prior to even
contemplating surgery.”
Dr. Thomas D. Meek, MD,
Neurosurgeon, Odessa, TX.
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